Customers give their impressions of the new ScanStone TriStar

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We asked farmers around the UK to give their feedback on the new TriStar destoner now that harvesting is underway.

"Having harvested behind our new TriStar destoner, we are delighted with the results!"

"We have no complaints with the TriStar whatsoever- The machine is absolutely great, and has been working in some very heavy, stony fields."

The TriStar features hydraulic-operated intake discs which follow the contour of the ground. The soil is met with a heavy duty multi-blade or full share blade, and the machine can be fitted with a shock absorption mechanism on the drawbar if it encounters a large rock or immovable object. This protects the driver, the tractor and the machine.

The soil is conveyed into the machine by the extra heavy-duty digger web, and then on to 3 rows of polyurethane stars. The stars are beneficial when working in heavy ground with stubborn clods and sticky clay. The third web continues to transport the remaining soil up the machine, where it drops onto either one long rear web, or two short webs. The long rear web option comes with a dual-direction multi-speed hydraulic scrubber web, whereas the two short web option allows for an extra drop, and sits below a fixed scrubber web.

The TriStar is available with a range of standard and optional equipment including GPS-ready kit, high-capacity stone box, intelligent automatic depth control and advanced headland management system, among others.

Our Sales Team would be delighted to discuss the machine in more detail. We have some new models which are awaiting to go to new customers across Europe, which can be viewed from any of our depots.

This machine has been designed and manufactured in Angus, UK, and we believe it is the very best in its class. Get in touch today to find out more:


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