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    5 Webber L Destoner
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    5 Webber L Web Configuration
  • 2 Body Bed Maker (SB) Image
    5 Webber L Destoner
  • 2 Body Bed Maker (SB) Image
    5 Webber L Destoner
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    5 Webber L Control Box
  • 2 Body Bed Maker (SB) Image
    5 Webber L Destoner
  • 2 Body Bed Maker (SB) Image
    5 Webber L Destoner
  • 2 Body Bed Maker (SB) Image
    5 Webber L Destoner
  • 2 Body Bed Maker (SB) Image
    5 Webber L Destoner

5 Webber L

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The ScanStone 5 Webber L is the highest capacity machine in the destoning range. This machine is complete with 4 regular webs and one long rear web. The hydraulically driven scrubber web is also a standard feature on the 5 Webber along with the open front system. Horse power requirement when fully loaded is up to 160 hp. either in Load Sensing or Open Centre hydraulics. 

  • Horsepower Requirement    160 hp
  • Length                                    9.1-9.8 m
  • Weight                                   5.6-6.6 T 
  • Working Width                     1540 mm or 1740 mm
  • Number of Webs                   5
  • Output                                   4-7 kph
Full Product Description
Working Width
  • BOM-5215L     1540mm working width
  • BOM-5217L     1740mm working width              

There are two working widths of destoner available in the ScanStone range; 1540mm wide and 1740mm wide. The most common width for preparing the soil for potatoes is 1540mm width, combined with a wheel track setting of 1.8m. This leaves enough room for 2 or 3 rows of potatoes to be planted and lifted with a standard 2 row harvester. The wider machine is more often used for planting carrots, and normally has a wheel track width of 2 meters. Both the wide and narrow machines are available with the same options.

Country of Use

The country of use kit consists of a hardcopy of the user manual and machine stickers in the country's spoken language.

  • KIT-UK    United Kingdom     
  • KIT-FR    France
  • KIT-DE    Germany
  • KIT-SE    Sweden
  • KIT-NW    Norwegian
  • KIT-DK    Denmark
  • KIT-CZ    Czech Republic
Country Approval Kit

The country approval kit consists of any necessary equipment for travelling on the road with the machine safely and legally in that country. It allows the customer to obtain the appropriate certificate from the country's Transport Agency.

  • BOM-0720    France
  • BOM-0720   Germany
  • BOM-0720   Czech Republic
  • BOM-0720   Austria
  • BOM-0720   Europe 
Advanced Control System
  • KIT-0313     Standard                                                                              

All destoners come an advanced control system which includes a cab control box, advanced ECU located on the machine, and a heavy duty harness. The control box is available in English, French, German, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Czech. It is designed, programmed and built in-house at the ScanStone factory, so improvements can be quickly and easily made to accommodate the operators needs and preferences. The control box has a number of automatic functions, including the HMS (Headland Management System). When the HMS button is pressed, the share is lowered to the pre-set depth, the discs are lowered. the scrubber web is activated, the cross conveyor starts turning in the appropriate direction and the wheels return to their central position. See the functions here


Standard Drawbar (without protection)
  • KIT-0001     Standard         

The newly upgraded drawbar features an 8-hole attachment plate, and a drawbar stand. The drawbar has a single-acting ram and a depth sensor at the side which moves as the drawbar is lifted up and down, so as to measure the distance between the share and the drawbar hitch. This position can be registered so that the share returns to exactly the same position at the start of each row.

Hydraulic Shock Drawbar
  • KIT-0002     Option          

The hydraulic shock drawbar can dramatically reduce the strain and damage on the machine and tractor when the share encounters a large stone or immovable object. It works with an accumulator and relieves the front of the machine from the initial shock of the stone. The drawbar has a pre-drilled hole for the fitment of a sensor which can connect to the tractor and will stall the tractor automatically. Like the standard drawbar, the shock drawbar has a 8-hole plate for standard hitch attachments, as well as a drawbar stand. 

Linkage Hitch
  • KIT-0003     Option

A popular option for some European countries who have ladder hitches on the rear of their tractors, the linkage hitch can be easily picked up on the lower tractor arms, and offers slightly more manoevrability when turning on headlands. The advantage of the linkage hitch is that it marginally shortens the overall length of the machine, and provides extra clearance and depth when required. 

Hook Hitch
  • UN-19553     Standard

The hook hitch offers a better angle for manoevring the destoner, and prevents unnecessary strain on the tractor and machine hitching point. There is no need to remove a clevis pin which can often be tight or difficult to remove; the operator can pick up or drop off the machine effortlessly. The main advantage of the hook hitch is that it sits more comfortably on the tractor hook, regardless of the difference in angle. 

Towing Eye
  • UN-06097     Option

The 6-hole Scharmuller flanged towing eye is the standard hitch attachment for all destoners. It offers strength and reliability, as well as safety both on the road and in the field. The towing eye is the most popular option for attachment to tractors with piton hitches. 

Spoon Hitch K80
  • UN-02613     Option

The 8-hole Scharmuller spoon hitch is the most popular option for customers in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, where the majority of tractors are fitted with ball hitches. The flanged spoon hitch offers more comfort while travelling on the road, as well as increased safety and reliability. The K80 spoon hitch couples to the 110mm ball system.  

Disc Width

The discs can be adjusted by sliding them in or out. The chosen setting depends on the track width and the width of the bed formed by the bed maker. 

  • SET-001     1.50m
  • SET-003     1.55m     (recommended)
  • SET-004     1.60m
  • SET-005     1.65m
  • SET-006     1.70m
  • SET-007     1.75m
Multi Blade Share
  • BOM-0033     1540mm width (Standard)
  • BOM-0034     1740mm width (Standard)

The multi-blade share is designed to avoid panning or compacting the soil underneath. The serrated knife edges scratch the soil and offer more drainage and aeration than a full blade share. It is comprised of 4 separate blades as well as 2 outer blades which are reversible. The separate blades mean that it is not necessary to replace the entire share at once, meaning there is less wastage of metal if not all the shares are worn. The separate blades are positioned in such a way that there is a narrower gap at the front of the share compared to the rear of the share. This prevents stone from being jammed in between the blades.

Full Blade Share
  • BOM-0035     1540mm width (Standard)
  • BOM-0036     1740mm width (Standard)

The full blade share is extremely heavy duty and made entirely of hardox metal. It is bolted on to the share assembly and onto every arm. Like the multi-blade share, it features a reversible outer share at either side. The full blade share is better if very large stones are to be encountered, as it is a stronger more solid piece of metal. The full blade share has a standard depth of 420mm. 

Linear Depth Control
  • KIT-0301     Standard

All destoners come as standard with Linear Depth Control, regardless of what other depth system is mounted on the machine additionally. The front sensor is mounted on the pivot of the drawbar and records the drawbar ram position relative to the share (the height of the share). The value is registered on the control box so that the share returns to the same position when the auto-depth is activated. The rear sensor is mounted at the rear side of the machine so that when the rear is lifted up or down, the front of the machine compensates automatically. 

Ultrasonic Depth Control
  • KIT-0302     Option

The Ultrasonic Depth System consists of a bracket and camera mounted underneath the front beam of the destoner, pointing down to the bed of soil entering into the machine. The camera senses the height of the bed and reacts accordingly, lifting the share up slightly when the bed of soil is too deep, or dropping the share in when it is too shallow. There are various adjustments that can be made depending on user preference. The frequency, range and reactivity of the signal can be adjusted as required. The linear depth system is still mounted on all machines equipped which are equipped with an ultrasonic sensor. 

No Stone Box
  • BOM-0066     1540mm width (Standard)
  • BOM-0067     1740mm width (Standard)

The 5 Webber L comes as standard without a stone box. For those working in conditions with very few large stones (over 10cm diameter) a stone box is not necessary. 

Star Type Stone Box
  • BOM-0068     1540mm width     (Option)
  • BOM-0069     1740mm width     (Option)

Destoners can be equipped with a stone box at the rear of the machine to remove large stones that are too big to place between the plantation beds. The star-type stone box consists of three star shafts which rotate to carry the stones into the stone box. The stone box can be opened and closed from the control box in the tractor cab. The capacity of the stone box is about 900kg. Stone box cameras are available to show the operator when the stone box is full. There is an alert which comes up on the control box if any of the shafts stop turning, as well as reminders for greasing. 


Rake Type Stone Box
  • BOM-0070     1540mm width     (Option)
  • BOM-0071     1740mm width     (Option)

The rake-type stone box consists of a metal rake which pivots mechanically back and forward to shift the stones into the stone box. Like the star-type, the stone box can be opened and closed from the control box in the tractor cab. The capacity of the stone box is about 900kg. Stone box cameras are available to show the operator when the stone box is full. There is an alert which comes up on the control box as a reminder for greasing. 

Cross Conveyor
  • UN-03294    20mm Cross Conveyor Web
  • UN-03295    28mm Cross Conveyor Web

The majority of destoners are equipped with the 20mm cross conveyor web which conveys the stone from the rear web to the ground between the plantation beds. The cross conveyor web is speed and direction adjustable, and the control box can program the cross conveyor to turn on and off automatically on the headlands, as well as reverse automatically if desired. The cross conveyor web is driven by 2 individual hydraulic motors which makes it react more quickly and perform more effectively. 

Elevator Ready Kit
  • KIT-0703     Option

The elevator ready kit consists of the support brackets and hydraulic components which must be fitted if an elevator is to be mounted in the future. This is a good option for those that would like to purchase an elevator in the future, but not at the time of machine order. The cost of the elevator ready kit is deducted from the price of an elevator upon purchase of the elevator. 


The 5 Webber L is available with high-capacity stone removal elevator, for extracting the stone out of the soil and loading it into a trailer. This is useful when stone is needed for a road or building base. The unique length and height of the elevator allows the operator to extract stone during the plantation season, without disturbing the plantation beds. 

  • BOM-0281     Elevator     (Option)
Elevator Web Pitch

There are two options for the size of web used on the elevator. The choice depends on the grade of stone that is required. 

  • KIT-0334     28mm Web (Recommended)
  • KIT-0333     32mm Web
  • UN-02649     375/70 R20 +45     With Brakes
  • UN-06139     375/70 R20 -15      Without Brakes    
  • UN-02412     340/80 R20 +45     With Brakes
  • UN-02900     340/80 R20 -15      Without Brakes
  • UN-02644     405/70 R24 +45      With Brakes
  • UN-06126     405/70 R24 -15       Without Brakes
  • UN-02404     340/85 R24 +45      With Brakes
  • UN-02410     340/85 R24 -15       Without Brakes

The 5 Webber L is equipped as standard with 405/70 R24 wheels, but wider wheels are optional. Depending on the axle width and brake requirements, the offset can be +45 or -15. 

Unbraked Axle
  • KIT-0066     1.62m-1.66m Track Width (Standard)
  • KIT-0067     1.67m-1.87m Track Width (Standard)

The 5 Webber L comes as standard with an unbraked 8-stud commercial style axle. The axle has a steering angle of 34 degrees, and features a heavy duty steering ram which self centre automatically. The steering pivot pin in fully enclosed to avoid dirt or dust entering. The axle can travel safety up to 50kph thanks to its enclosed wheel hubs and heavy-duty design. 

Hydraulic Brakes
  • KIT-0070     1.62m-1.66m Track Width     (Option)
  • KIT-0071     1.67m-1.87m Track Width     (Option)

In some European countries, hydraulic brakes are essential for homologation purposes when road travel is required. The 8-stud axles are commercial-style and combined with the brakes, safely allow speeds of up to 50kph. 

Air Brakes
  • UN-02991     (Option)

Air brakes are essential in some European countries where road travel is required in between operations. The air brake system works with T16 cylinders which are fully-homologated in the EU. Unlike hydraulic brakes, air brakes are always activated until deactivated by the tractor. This means that they are a safer option in the event of accidents. The 8-stud axles are commercial-style and combined with the brakes, safely allow speeds of up to 50kph. 

Parking Brake
  • KIT-0701     (Option)

For Homologation purposes, all destoners have the option of a parking brake to prevent the machine moving while stationary. The handbrake can be applied when parking on hills or slopes to prevent any risk to the operator when they are standing near the machine. 

Levelling Axle
  • BOM-0046     Option

When the cross conveyor places the stones into the adjacent row, this can effect the angle of the machine, since the wheels are sitting at different levels due to the amounts of material in the ridge. To compensate for this, two levelling rams are placed on the axle and by way of a sensor, keep the working area of the machine completely level. By keeping the working area level, it means there is an evenly distributed amount of material wearing equally on the machine. This is especially useful when working on sidelands and hills. In many parts of Europe, farmers must work across hills to prevent soil erosion. Automatic levelling is necessary in such circumstances. 

Fixed Axle
  • BOM-0046     Standard

The 5 Webber L comes as standard with a fixed axle which does not tilt from side to side. This is appropriate when the machine does not work on steep hills, or if it is not pivotal that the working area is completely flat. 

GPS Ready Axle
  • BOM-0704     Option

From factory, the 5 Webber L can be fitted with a sensor bracket mounted on to the axle connected to a cable which runs to the front of the machine. This makes it much easier for the GPS supplier to connect the GPS system without dismantling the axle, or carrying out any unnecessary modifications to the machine. The GPS sensor is supplied by the GPS supplier and is plugged in to the cable. The GPS Ready Kit does not include the additional steering valve which is required depending on which GPS system is being used. 


Rear Lift
  • KIT-XXX     Standard

As standard, the rear lift can be lifted up or lowered down to suit the field conditions and to offer a more intense separation in heavier conditions. When working downhill, the soil flows more easily into the machine when the rear is fully down. There is a sensor at the rear of the machine which automatically compensates the position of the share when the rear is lifted or lowered. The operator can easily see the position of the rear with the help of a guide stick mounted on the back of the machine. 

Web Pitches - First Web


         1535mm          1735mm

  • UN-04696     UN-04356     37MM 4-BAND 1ST BE HD EXTRA HIGH BARS 
  • UN-04336     UN-04530     32MM 4-BAND 1ST BE HD 
  • UN-04524     UN-04357     28MM 4-BAND 1ST BE H-TYPE
  • UN-04525     UN-04531     32MM 4-BAND 1ST BE H-TYPE
  • UN-04526     UN-04358     37MM 4-BAND 1ST BE H-TYPE
  • UN-04338     UN-04532     43MM 4-BAND 1ST BE HD 
  • UN-04335     UN-04697     28MM 4-BAND 1ST BE HD 
  • UN-04337     UN-04533     37MM 4-BAND 1ST BE HD      (recommended)
  • UN-04527     UN-04359     43MM 4-BAND 1ST BE H-TYPE
Web Pitches - 2nd Web


         1535mm          1735mm

  • UN-03907                           28MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04262                           28MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03908                           32MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04263                           32MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03909                           37MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04264                           37MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03910                           43MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04265                           43MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03901     UN-03919     28MM 4-BAND HD
  • UN-04256     UN-04280     28MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03902     UN-03920     32MM 4-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04257     UN-04281     32MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03903     UN-03921     37MM 4-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04258     UN-04282     37MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03904     UN-03922     43MM 4-BAND HD
  • UN-04259     UN-04283     43MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
Web Pitches - 3rd Web


         1535mm          1735mm

  • UN-03907                           28MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04262                           28MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03908                           32MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04263                           32MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03909                           37MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04264                           37MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03910                           43MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04265                           43MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03901     UN-03919     28MM 4-BAND HD
  • UN-04256     UN-04280     28MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03902     UN-03920     32MM 4-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04257     UN-04281     32MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03903     UN-03921     37MM 4-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04258     UN-04282     37MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03904     UN-03922     43MM 4-BAND HD
  • UN-04259     UN-04283     43MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
Web Pitches - 4th Web


         1535mm          1735mm

  • UN-03907                           28MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04262                           28MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03908                           32MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04263                           32MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03909                           37MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04264                           37MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03910                           43MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04265                           43MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03901     UN-03919     28MM 4-BAND HD
  • UN-04256     UN-04280     28MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03902     UN-03920     32MM 4-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04257     UN-04281     32MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03903     UN-03921     37MM 4-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04258     UN-04282     37MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03904     UN-03922     43MM 4-BAND HD
  • UN-04259     UN-04283     43MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
Web Pitches - Rear Web


         1535mm          1735mm

  • UN-03913                          28MM 3-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04268                          28MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03914                          32MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04269                          32MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03915                          37MM 3-BAND HD          (recommended)
  • UN-04270                          37MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-03916                          43MM 3-BAND HD
  • UN-04271                          43MM 3-BAND H-TYPE
  •                      UN-03925     28MM 4-BAND HD
  •                      UN-04286     28MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  •                      UN-03926     32MM 4-BAND HD
  •                      UN-04287     32MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  • UN-04520   UN-03927     37MM 4-BAND HD
  •                      UN-04288     37MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
  •                      UN-03928     43MM 4-BAND HD
  •                      UN-04289     43MM 4-BAND H-TYPE
Scrubber Web

The 5 Webber L comes as standard with a hydraulically driven scrubber web, which is a rotating web above the rear web, which operates in both directions and at a number of speeds. This means that in heavy soil, the scrubber web can be reversed to break down any stubborn clod, and in stony soil, the web can follow the direction of the flow, and help the stones up the machine. The scrubber web height can be adjusted from the tractor cab to allow larger stones to get carried into the machine, and the pressure of the web can be changed depending on the level of separation desired. 

        1535mm         1735mm

  • KIT-0133        KIT-0134          Hydraulic Driven Scrubber Web 45mm (Standard)
  • BOM-0076     KIT-0132          Fixed Scrubber Web (Option)
Stone Box Camera
  • BOM-0297     Single Camera           (Option)
  • BOM-0719     Additional Camera    (Option)

The stone box camera gives a view of the stone box and is useful to show the operator when the stone box is full and needs to be emptied. The camera kit includes a screen for inside the tractor cab, seperate from the control box. The camera is positioned so that both the star shafts and the box are visible to the operator. Although an alert is given to the operator when a star shaft stops turning, it is useful to know if there is a stubborn stone resting on the star shafts and causing unnecessary wear.

LED Work Lighting Kit
  • BOM-0298     Pair (Option)

Worklights are a useful addition to the destoner when it is necessary to work at night. The work lighting kit consists of two LED lamps which are positioned at each side of the machine frame, so that the operator can see the wheel position as well as the cross conveyor. The worklights can be turned on or off using a soft key on the cab control box. When visibility is poor, the worklights can help keep the machine working straight and ensure that the trash is being deposited correctly. 

LED Road Lighting Kit
  • BOM-XXX     Standard 

The 5 Webber L comes complete with a fully EU-homologated LED road lighting kit, to ensure maximum safety when travelling on the roads. The number plate light is positioned on the left hand side in accordance with EU regulations. All warning and marker lights are mounted on flexible rubber supports to avoid any breakages in the event of contact with another object.

Centralised Grease System
  • KIT-XXX     Option

The centralised greasing system consists of several grease banks situated around the machine which bring together all the hoses running from the bearings and grease points. This prevents the operator from overlooking any of the bearings which are barely visible or accessible, prolonging the life of the machine and its components. This centralised grease system is referred to as 'easy grease' and while it is not automatic, it speeds up the maintenance process, while offering the precision and reliability which are sometimes missing from an automatic system. 

Soft Drive

When travelling long distances on the road at a high speed, it can be quite straining on the machine and the tractor. The Soft Drive system consists of 1 or 2 accumulators which bare the stress and strain of a long, bumpy journey, as well as ensuring optimum comfort for the driver. 

  • BOM-0262     Front Soft Drive     (Option)
  • BOM-0262     Rear Soft Drive      (Option)
Levelling Bar

The ScanStone web machines traditionally leave a slight dip in the middle of the bed, due to the web band layout, and the axle. For those planting in two rows, this shape is advantageous, as the planter follows the bed more easily, and there is less risk of a blockage where the planter centre share divides the soil. However, when planting other vegetables beside potatoes, or planting in three rows, it is necessary to create a flat even bed. The levelling bar achieves this, as the flat piece of metal hangs freely from the axle, without digging into the soil. 

  • UN-17845    Option
Web Cleaners
  • KIT-XXX     Option

Web cleaners are useful when working in grassy/fibrous conditions. The bars of metal sit on the web shaft and clean in between the web bars as the web rotates round the shaft. The web cleaners should only be placed on the second web. 

Unique Parts Manual
  • UN-XXXXX    Standard

Each individual destoner comes as standard with a unique parts manual which features the exact specifications and equipment which is mounted on the machine before it leaves the factory. Customers are able to quote their serial number to their parts provider, to ensure that the correct parts are ordered. Not only does this speed up the ordering process, but avoids 

Country of Delivery
  • UN-Z001     United Kingdom
  • UN-Z002     France
  • UN-Z003     Germany
  • UN-Z004     Sweden
  • UN-Z005     Norway
  • UN-Z006     Denmark
  • UN-Z007     Poland
  • UN-Z008     Czech Republic
  • UN-Z009     Spain


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Discover how we established a first class reputation for reliability in a vast variety of soil conditions both at home in the UK, and in countries throughout the world.