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    HERON 6000 Topper (Front)
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    HERON 6000 Topper (Rear)

HERON 6000 Haulm Topper

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The ScanStone front mounted haulm topper is a versatile lightweight machine for topping 1 bed of potatoes. This machine can be used in conjunction with a rear mounted straddle machine for topping 3 beds of potatoes at a time. With the option of side discharge, ridge press wheels and hydraulic depth wheels, the ScanStone HERON 6000 Topper suits all potato varieties and field conditions.


Full Product Description
Key Features - Rear Mounted
  1. Ridge press rollers
  2. Hydraulic depth wheels
  3. Crop protection plates
  4. Floating hood
  5. Adjustable depth wheels

Info: This machine suits 30" to 40" row and bed widths/ Hydraulically driven cross conveyor available as an option.

Key Features - Front Mounted
  1. Replaceable steel inner liner for hood protection
  2. Adjustable depth wheels
  3. Choice of 540 / 750 / 1000 rpm input speeds
  4. Front and rear mountable headstock
  5. Heavy duty wheel for easy running on wheelings
  6. Steeply curved flails for improved suction and wear life
  7. Reversible rotor with heavy duty 55mm taper lock bearings
  8. Two inspection hatches for easy maintenance
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