4 Body WF AR+


The ScanStone 4 Body Wing-Folding bed maker has been purpose built for fitment to the ScanStone 3.6m bed tiller range. The Wing-Folding has a lighter frame, although still strong, and reduces the overall weight of the bed tiller / bed maker combination while still offering the customer a competitive end product.

The 4 body Wing-Folding is versatile; it can be unhitched from the bed tiller and used for regular bed making directly behind the tractor, it is not recommended to use this machine on tractors over 200hp. Short ends and gushets can be ploughed with this machine as well by folding the wings up and simply bed making with 2 ploughs. While using with application on the bed tiller, the ploughs can also have the wings folded up when the direct tilling method is used in conjunction with GPS. There are fewer options available on the Wing-Folding and the machine is limited to 200hp, however the price and overall weight reflects this.

UN-3845 WF AR+ 4 Body Wing-Folding AR+ (Non Stop)

Full Product Description

AR+ Models

The ScanStone AR+ models negate the need for additional shearbolt protection. This auto reset system has a double pivot point allowing the beam to pivot and also the body to pivot as the plough strikes a stone or tree root. There is enough stroke in the hydraulic cylinder for the plough to reset in both instances and enough pressure in the accumulator for the plough to reset back to the preset depth.

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Track Width Setting

Distance between centre to centre of plough.

SET-001 1.50 m
SET-002 1.60 m
SET-003 1.65 m
SET-004 1.70 m
SET-005 1.80 m (Default)
SET-006 1.85 m
SET-007 2.00 m

Classic Style Ploughs

Leave a wide bottom trench for the stones and clods to lie in. Leaves a bed that is quicker to dry

KIT-1100 Classic Style Ploughs (Standard)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Chateau Style Ploughs

Different shape of body to leave a steeper trench.

KIT-1116 Chateau Body for AR+ (Option)

Disc Style Hydraulic Marker Kit

Disc-style markers leave an accurate scribe in the soil giving the operator a useful guide on his return journey up the field, when not using GPS.

KIT-1084 Pair (Option)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Point Style Marker Kit

Point-style markers are a less expensive option and virtually maintenance-free. Mainly used to assist the operator should be GPS fail.

KIT-1081 Pair (Option)

Hydraulically Extendable Marker Kit

In conditions where GPS coverage may be limited, the hydraulic extendable markers provide centre marking while operating the ScanStone 4 body bed former with 4 ploughs down. Comes with a choice of disc or point.

BOM-0337 Pair (Option)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Stabiliser Fins

Stabiliser fins act as as rudder to the plough to improve stability during work. Fins are not compatible with Chateau ploughs.

KIT-1102 Stabiliser Fins (Option)

Manual Depth Wheel Kit

To act as a depth guide and keep the ploughs from digging in too deep.

KIT-1122 18” (Standard)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Hydraulic Depth Wheel Kit

To act as a depth guide and keep the ploughs from digging in too deep.

BOM-1123 18” in lieu (Option)

Parallel Linkage Kit

For keeping the ploughs level when working in half depths.

BOM-0315 Parallel Linkage (Option)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Large Tail Pieces

Attached at the top of the mouldboard, the tail pieces keep the side wall of the bed in position in deeper and heavier conditions. Not compatible with Chateau ploughs.

BOM-0371 Large Tail Pieces (Pair) Option

Easy Duty Cultivator Tines

To break up the soil before the ploughs engage.

KIT-1114 Each (Option)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Heavy Duty Cultivator Tines

To break up the soil before the ploughs engage.

KIT-1130 Each (Option)


Useful for storing tools, spare parts and other maintenance essentials.

BOM-0319 (Option)

4 Body WF AR+>

4 Body WF AR+

Unique Parts List

Each individual bed former comes as standard with a unique parts manual which features the exact specifications and equipment which is mounted on the machine before it leaves the factory. Customers are able to quote their serial number to their parts provider, to ensure that the correct parts are ordered. Not only does this speed up the ordering process, but avoids mistakes.

User Manual / Machine Stickers

The country of use kit consists of a hard-copy of the user manual and machine stickers in the country’s spoken language.


4 Body WF AR+>

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