5.4m Straddle


In heavier soil types or lay ground, the bed tilling process can be appropriate. The ScanStone bed tiller is an efficient and effective machine, primarily due to having quick change blades. Depending on the rotor speed, the bed tiller can do a very fine job or a rougher job depending on how much fuel and energy the farmer wishes to use. The amount of bed tilling should be proportional to the forward speed of the destoner.


The ScanStone 5.4m straddle bed tiller requires around 200-250hp for driving, and is essentially 2 tillers on a folding headstock. The machine is recommended to work in preformed rows, however soil intake discs can be supplied when working directly on the plough surface.

5.4m Straddle

Key Characteristics

1. Option of soil intake discs
2. Underside replaceable wear strip
3. Award winning quick change blades (with tightening system)
4. Suitable distance between rotor and hood to reduce wearing on blades and blocking up underneath
5. Automatic CAM style safety clutches
6. 280hp centre gearbox
7. Centre gearbox oil cooler option
8. Chain free end gearboxes with heavy duty gears
9. Reduction gearboxes reducing torque strain on machine and shafts
10. Option of classic or chateau-style ploughs mounted on independent frame with depth and pitch adjustment or range of attachments
11. Spring loaded adjustable tailgates

Quick Change Blade System

The Quick Change Blade System works with a double flange rotor, locating bolts, and a clip and pin which holds the blade securely. This is a cost-effective system, because the holding bolts and the clip and pin do not need replaced every time a blade is changed, unlike a bolted blade where the operator has to buy 2 bolts and 2 nuts every blade change. It is extremely rare that blades are lost with this system because the hard pin and clip never come off. The flanges are protected by hardened steel wear plates which are reversible and replaceable.

5.4m Straddle

5.4m Straddle

L-Shaped Blades

L-blades maintain a constant depth for the life of the blade, and do not lose depth as the blade wears.

C-Shaped Blades

C-blades require less horsepower and are good for conditions where the soil is lighter and not so heavy. The panning effect is vastly reduced by using C-blades.

5.4m Straddle

5.4m Straddle

Spike Rotor

The spike rotor is used when there is no grass or lay conditions and where the soil is easily broken down. Spikes completely eliminate any panning.

Soil Intake Discs

Intake discs are used primarily when working on the ploughed surface. They allow the bed tiller to be dropped into the required working depth of the user. They also protect the side casing of the machine in some conditions.

5.4m Straddle

5.4m Straddle

Depth Wheel Kit

Depth wheels maintain the depth of the bed tiller during work and minimise the floatation. These are used when there are no ploughs on the back.

Spring Loaded Adjustable Tailgate

The rear tailgate on the bed tiller can be adjusted to hold soil into the machine or let it flow through more easily. This is dependent on ground conditions and how thorough a bed tilling job is to be done.

5.4m Straddle

5.4m Straddle

Rear Linkage With Depth & Pitch Adjustment

Each bed tiller comes with a standard hitch system on the rear to allow various styles of ploughs to be fitted. The hitch system has two top links to allow depth and pitch adjustment.

Track Eradicator Tines

Increase the longevity of the tiller blades, particularly the ones behind the tractor wheels.

5.4m Straddle

5.4m Straddle


The toolbox is operator-friendly for storing spare clips, pins and blades, as well as any other piece of maintenance equipment.

User Manual / Machine Stickers

The country of use kit consists of a hard-copy of the user manual and machine stickers in the country’s spoken language.

English (Standard)

5.4m Straddle


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