Patriot RT1700


The ScanStone Patriot RT 1700 comes with two webs, dahlman cleaning and segmented cross rollers as standard. It can be fitted with land drive and a two man picking table. The machine features an underslung axle which offers tremendous strength for the weight and capacity of the machine. This machine is designed to work effectively in all conditions, and in all varieties of crop.

* Horsepower Requirement 150-220 hp
* Length 11.7 m
* Weight 8-9 T
* Working Width 1.8-2 m
* Number of Webs 2
* Output 6 kph

Full Product Description

RT1700 Configuration

The ScanStone Patriot RT 1700 is equipped with a main web, 1 pair of rollers, a second web, 3 pairs of plain rollers, a dahlmon cleaning table, 2 pairs of rollers and a spreader web. The machine can be fitted with land drive and a two man picking table.

UN-HRT1700 Patriot RT1700 Harvester
Patriot RT1700

RT1700B Configuration

The ScanStone Patriot RT 1700B is equipped with a main web, 1 pair of rollers, a second web, 3 pairs of plain rollers, a dahlman cleaning table and a spreader web. The machine can be fitted with land drive and a two man picking table.

UN-HRT1700B Patriot RT1700B Harvester
Patriot RT1700

Pressure Sensing Diablos

The ScanStone Patriot RT comes with the pressure sensing diablos. The machine comes with full or half diablos for different soil conditions and potato varieties. The diablos are completely adjustable across various row widths and assist with the feed in of the crop into the machine. They also are used to control the depth of the share, to minimise any cut potatoes
Pressure Sensing Diablos Standard

Patriot RT1700

Depth Wheels

Patriot RT1700

Positioned above the top of the row, the depth wheels are effective in heavy conditions where the soil does not need so much assistance into the front of the machine. Depth wheels have no compaction of the row at all, and are also used for controlling the depth of the share.

Depth Wheels Standard

Cleaning Rollers

The cleaning rollers within the Patriot RT harvester are situated after the Dahlman table. There are two pairs of extraction rollers which can be rubber or steel, and they are used to finally clean the crop before presenting it onto the picking table or into the cart elevator. Each plain roller has a direct drive, so speed and direction adjustment can be done inside the tractor cab. The extraction rollers can also be adjusted to and from the spiral rollers. This is manual adjustment out-with the tractor controls.

Cleaning Rollers Standard

Patriot RT1700

Dahlman Roller Table

Patriot RT1700

The Patriot RT comes standard with a Dahlman cleaning table. This alternates between plain and spiral rollers and has an independent pump to power it. The angle of the Dahlman cleaning table is 0-7 degrees, which gives an excellent run off of the crop in dry conditions.

Dahlman Roller Table Standard

Second Web

The second web is shorter than the main web on the ScanStone Patriot RT and is 4 band. It is driven by rubber drive shoes, and is driven mechanically from the main drive of the machine with rubber drives. The pitches come in 28, 32, 36, 40, 43, 45 and 50mm depending on soil conditions.

Second Web Standard

Patriot RT1700

Wheel Drive Ready Axle

Patriot RT1700

This is an underslung axle which has two independent steering rams and runs straight through the lower chassis of the machine. This axle has space at the hubs for wheel drive should this be required.

Wheel Drive Ready Standard

On Board Hydraulics

The machine is equipped with on board hydraulics and an on-board oil tank which powers the cleaning rollers.

On Board Hydraulics Standard

Patriot RT1700

Adjustable Centre Share

Patriot RT1700

The centre share can be adjusted or completely removed depending on the variety of crop. The centre share can be pitched in to ensure that all potatoes are being harvested. This is done on the side of the machine with easy manual adjustment.

Adjustable Centre Share Standard

Front Web Rocker Agitator

Driven from the tractor hydraulics and adjusted from the tractor cab, the front web has a rocker agitator powered by a hydraulic motor. It gently throws the front web up and down to assist with soil separation.

Front Web Rocker Agitator Standard

Patriot RT1700

High Frequency Agitator

Patriot RT1700

This is a nest of rubber rollers which can be switched on or switched off to create a high frequency agitation.

High Frequency Agitator Standard

2nd Web Knock Roller Agitator

This is one triangular shaped rubber roller which can be manually switched on or off to assist with soil separation, out-with the tractor controls.

2nd Web Knock Roller Agitator Standard

Patriot RT1700

Hydraulically Controlled Spreader Web

Patriot RT1700

The spreader web evenly distributes the crop into the cart elevator. Looking from the back, the longer web is on the left hand side so there is not clashing of crop as the elevator conveys the crop to the right.

Spreader Web Standard

Positive Underweb Drive

The main web drive is primarily drum drive with rubber drive shoes. The positive underweb drive is an additional steel sprocket drive which completely eliminates web slip, in wet weather conditions.

Positive Underweb Drive Standard

Patriot RT1700

Carbon Fibre Belt Drive

Patriot RT1700

There are no chains on any ScanStone products including the Patriot RT. We have superseded chains throughout the whole machine with carbon fibre tooth belt drive. This means quiet running and maintenance free.

Carbon Fibre Belt Drive Standard

Lane Adjuster Arm

When working on side hills, or when fine adjustment is needed to the front of the machine, the lane adjuster ram is very effective and can be operated from the tractor cab, to make sure that all potatoes are being harvested and no potatoes are being left or cut.

Lane Adjuster Arm Standard

Patriot RT1700

Independent Floating End

Patriot RT1700

The back of the Patriot RT will always remain level, whereas the front digger share will always float to maintain the contour of the ground. This means the left side or the right side of the share is always at the correct depth independently.

Independent Floating End Standard

28" Land Wheel

As standard and sufficient to carry the machine through the soft ground. The underwheel is 22.5” and wide to carry the machine as well through the soft beds.

28" Land Wheel Standard

Patriot RT1700

Variable Track Width

Patriot RT1700

Several track width options available from 68”-80” to suit user requirements and crop varieties.

Variable Track Width Standard

Spring Loaded Intake Discs

Spring loaded intake discs follow the grounds contour to ensure a consistent feed into the machine. They protect the front of the machine should there be any stones where the discs are running, and ensure that the disc arms do not bend or break.

Spring Loaded Intake Discs Standard

Patriot RT1700

Transfer Web Camera

Patriot RT1700

The transfer web camera allows the operator to see exactly what the cleaning rollers are doing, so blockages can be either avoided or dealt with in good time.

Transfer Web Camera Standard

Large Capacity Cart Elevator

A complete PVC canvas, with active crop fingers to help the crop stay in the elevator, conveys the crop up out of the machine and into the trailer. The elevator tucks back neatly for transport and folds out and down for discharging into the bottom of bulk trailers or potato boxes. The easily controlled gooseneck part of the elevator gives precision control when discharging. The drive motor and cog wheels are internal of the canvas to protect them from damage. The elevator width is 1m.

Large Capacity Cart Elevator Standard

Patriot RT1700

Segmented Spiral Rollers

Patriot RT1700

There are various different types of spiral rollers which can be fitted into the cleaning rollers on the Patriot RT. There are 6mm pitch spirals, 10mm and 20mm, depending on soil and crop conditions. Each spiral has individual air pockets between the ribs. This allows self cleaning and also flexibility for when large pieces of clod or haulm need to pass through. All the spiral rollers interlock into each other and there are 10 per shaft.

Segmented Spiral Rollers Standard

Extraction Rollers

Extraction rollers come in 65mm and either rubber or steel.

Extraction Rollers Standard

Patriot RT1700

Additional Camera

Patriot RT1700

To give the operator a better vision of sight as to where the potatoes are going and to prevent any blockages.

Additional Camera Option

Main Web Cleaner

A cage roller can be fitted in place of the main web tensioner rollers to maintain the web pitch in sticky and wet conditions. Web pitches, as standard, 28, 32, 36, 40, 43, 45 and 50.

Main Web Cleaner Option

Patriot RT1700

Land Drive System

Patriot RT1700

The Patriot RT 1700 can be equipped with land drive motors to assist in wet and arduous conditions. This is powered through an additional pump, not through the tractor. This is controlled from the tractor cab.

Land Drive System Option

Spoon Hitch

The 110mm Scharmuller spoon hitch improves comfort and safety when travelling both on the road and during work.

Spoon Hitch Standard with Land Drive

Patriot RT1700

Easy Grease System

Patriot RT1700

Grease banks are located throughout the machine to make maintenance user friendly. This makes the grease nipples accessible so bearings with grease points in awkward places can be greased easily.

Easy Grease System Option

Two Man Picking Table

A rubber covered flighted web elevates the potatoes onto the picking facility. There is a trash can either side for pickers to throw away waste and an e-stop button should any danger occur. The picking table return web protects the crop because it has a spreader web and a low drop.

Two Man Picking Table Option

Patriot RT1700

Restricted On-Board Controls

Patriot RT1700

When in unlocked mode, persons on the picking table of the harvester can set various options of the machine, such as picking table belt speed, elevator speed and roller speeds from the machine. This is easily disabled by a single button from inside the cab once the machine is set.

Restricted On-Board Controls Standard with Picking Table

Soft But Durable Pintles

Every seventh bar, there is a row of pintles which are 20mm high to assist the crop up the web. These are very gentle.

Soft But Durable Pintles Standard with Picking Table

Patriot RT1700


Height 3.74 m
Width 3.5 m
Length 11.76 m
Weight 8-9 T


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